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Private children's dental clinic
Private children's dental clinic
Private children's clinic «Teremok» changes the usual scenario of visiting a dentist
years of experience
years old
Safe, delicate dental care in Rostov-on-Don for children from 0 to 18 years old
A professional team of doctors with over 20 years of experience
Your child will love to treat teeth!
All types of dental services for children
Treatment and restoration of milk teeth, occlusion correction, braces - everything to make your child's smile flawless.
Treatment without physical restraint and pain
We were the first in Rostov-on-Don to start using sedation technology. Treatment with nitrous oxide allows you to preserve pleasant feelings and memories from the visit to the doctor, creating the right culture of dental care, free from fears and unpleasant emotions.
Pain-free treatment
Sedation is a technique of immersing the patient in a calm and relaxed state during treatment with the help of special sedatives.

Some parents are wary of this technique, as they doubt its safety. There is no reason to worry. Sedatives are completely harmless to the baby. A mixture of nitrogen and oxygen is excreted from the child's body 2-3 minutes after the end of treatment, it is not addictive and is allowed for use even on newborn children.
Experienced child-centered medical educators
Anna Viktorovna
Lilia Sergeevna
Tooth fairies of «Teremok» dentistry with over 10 years of experience maintain a mood and a relaxed atmosphere, find a common language with every little client
Treatment as an adventure
The interior of the clinic with a unique design immerses the child in the atmosphere of a fairy tale, and not tension and fear as in ordinary clinics.
End of Treatment Prize
Each little hero chooses a reward at the end of the treatment. They choose their own favorite toy from the magic suitcase (toys / cookies).
on milk teeth
A badly damaged tooth must be removed. The absence of a milk tooth can affect the development of malocclusion, speech, altered nutritional interests and physiological changes. The solution to the problem is a crown for a milk tooth.
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+7 (863) 200-33-77

+7 (863) 200-33-77
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