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Pediatric Dentistry
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Modern pediatric dentistry has a sufficient number of effective techniques that allow you to quickly and painlessly cope with various dental pathologies identified in young patients.
Types and cost of services
Treatment of caries of a milk tooth without anesthesia *
from 65 $
Caries treatment in milk teeth with anesthesia
from 70 $
Pulpitis treatment of a milk tooth
from 87 $
Fissure sealing
from 77 $
Caries treatment of a milk tooth without drilling
from 59 $
Milk teeth cleaning
from 67 $
Milk tooth extraction without anesthesia
from 30 $
Milk tooth extraction with anesthesia
from 54 $
Difficult milk tooth extraction with anesthesia
from 71 $
Performing manipulation under sedation with nitrous oxide (no more than 1 hour)
from 57 $
Metal crown for a milk tooth
from 63 $
White milk tooth crown
from 128 $
*Сalculated according to the current exchange rate of 74 rubles per dollar
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